Biography Marie Høgh Thøgersen

Marie Høgh Thøgersen cand.psych.aut, Ph.D,  is a Clinical Psychologist and researcher. She is responsible for monitoring the clinical outcomes at The Danish Institute Against Torture, DIGNITYS, highly specialized rehabilitation clinic for traumatized refugees, (of which approximately 80% are torture survivors.) She is currently heading the DTD (Danish Trauma and Refugee Database,) a research database with data from five specialized Danish rehabilitation centres.  Marie specializes in the treatment of PTSD and trauma and in analyzing, developing and implementing clinical interventions for people with PTSD. Marie holds a Ph.D. from Copenhagen University Hospital and gained her authorization as a clinical psychologist at Crisis Psychological Clinic at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital.  Before DIGNITY, she worked 5 years as a Chief Consultant, under the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, implementing crisis interventions and advising policymakers on best-practice.  She lectures at Copenhagen University in the area of trauma and crisis interventions.

Publications peer reviewed journals /book chapters.


Elsass, Peter; Jensen, Bodil; Mørup, Rikke; Thøgersen, Marie Høgh.

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Thøgersen, M.H "Assertive community treatment vs. standard treatment for severely mentally ill patients in Denmark: uasi-experimental trial" Ph.D. thesis. Department of Health, Copenhagen University.”  2008

In press

Thøgersen, M.H., Morthorst, B, Nordentoft. M (Submitted) “Assertive Community Treatment vs. Standard Treatment for severelly mentally ill in Denmark”. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry.

Dalgaard, N.T, Riber,K. & Thøgersen, M. (submitted). The Transgenerational Transmission of Refugee Trauma-Exploring the role of Attachment Representation. In Rousseau, C & De Haene, L (Eds) Working with Refugee Families UK:Cambridge University Press

Rashmi, S. & Thøgersen, M. Book chapter submitted (April 2018) to “Intercultural Counselling in Europe.” Editor: Milani, M. Publisher: Cambridge Scholar Publishing. Chapter title: “Intercultural Counselling in Denmark.


Dalgaard, N.T., Montgomery, E. & Thøgersen, M. (submitted). The Development of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Treatment of Trauma-related Family Violence in Refugee Families.

Peconga, E & Thøgersen, M. (Submitted) Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety and Depression among Syrian Refugees – What do we know?  a systematic review of prevalence rates.

Dalgaard, N.T., Thøgersen, M., Væver, M. S & Montgomery, E. (submitted). Family Violence in Traumatized Refugee Families- A Mixed Methods study of Mother/Child Dyadic Functioning, Parental Symptom Levels and Children’s Psychosocial Adjustment

In process:

Thøgersen M.H., et. al.  “Socio-demographic characteristics of traumatized refugees encountered in a Danish multi-center study,” Estimated Submission date:  2019

Thøgersen M.H, et al “The effectiveness of   a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation intervention for traumatized refugees: a multicenter study: Estimated 2019

Thøgersen M, H. et al.  "A feasibility study of the effects of a non-verbal, cultural sensitive neuropsychological assessment tool, for 80 newly arrived refugees in Denmark” Estimated submission date, primo 2019

Thøgersen, M.H, Swartz,L, Rehling,C, Sodeman, M. Chapter “ Cross-Cultural Psychology in a Medical Setting”  Textbook of Applied Medical Psychology: a Multi-disciplinary Approach. Pedersen, S.S. (et all.  University Press of Southern Denmark. Estimated submission ultimo 2018

Thøgersen M.H.: “The prevalence of torture among 2141 patients admitted to treatment at a Danish Rehabilitation Clinic between 1982-2000” expected submission data ultimo 2019

Nørredam, M, Thøgersen