Become a business partner

Be a part of the development you want to see in the world

Do you and your employees want to help prevent some of the worst human rights violations in the world?
Do you and your employees want to help the victims of these violations get a better life?
Do you and your employees want to help raise awareness among the Danes about the important cause you are fighting for?

Then a partnership with DIGNITY is just what you need!

DIGNITY works for a world without torture. If you partner up with DIGNITY, you and your employees can support the prevention of torture and make sure that the victims get the help they need.

You can support DIGNITY in various ways – either by being a Business Supporter or through a Business Partnership.

Depending on the value of the donation, we scale up the possibilities we offer to you and your business. If you want to know more about what we can do for your business, call and arrange a no-obligation meeting with DIGNITY's Communications & Fundraising Director, Kamilla Bjørn Drøidal.

Kamilla Drøidal
Tel: +45 51 39 82 49

Business supporter

As a business, you make an annual donation to DIGNITY and get the opportunity of involving employees and customers

Business partner

If your business wants to take its support to the next level, it is also possible to enter into a strategic business partnership