DIGNITY's Talent Programme for Students

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to contribute to the global fight against torture and organized violence as part of your study programme? Are you driven by a desire to learn and to put knowledge to work? Do you have a documented interest in DIGNITY’s field of work and a strong academic record? If so, DIGNITY’s Talent Programme might be for you.

About the Programme

DIGNITY’s talent programme is a programme specially designed for ambitious senior-level students seeking an internship opportunity as part of their academic programme or planning to write a Master’s thesis in the field of torture and organised violence, or more specifically within one of DIGNITY’s three strategic priority themes, namely

  • Rehabilitation of torture survivors
  • Prevention of torture in places of detention
  • Prevention of violence in poor urban neighbourhoods.

The programme offers an inspiring, intense milieu at the intersection between theory and practice. Together with other students and under the qualified supervision and mentorship of experienced staff, as a DIGNITY talent you will have the opportunity to develop and contribute to knowledge production and the making of a better world.

Opportunities are available within the field of:

  • Prevention of torture
  • Rehabilitation of torture survivors
  • Medical aspects of torture
  • Public policy
  • Advocacy
  • Human rights law
  • Social work
  • Counselling
  • Communication and/or Fundraising.

Previous DIGNITY talents have come from the disciplines of public health, law, medicine, psychology, anthropology, global development, development studies, political science, human security, refugees studies etc. and the call is open for all students interested in the above fields and themes.


DIGNITY - Danish Institute against Torture is a self-governing institution independent of party politics, and it is the biggest center of its kind in the world.

DIGNITY is organized in three broad themes: Rehabilitation, Detention and Urban Violence. In all three areas we undertake interventions and we do research. DIGNITY works in Denmark as well as the Global South. Additional information regarding DIGNITY's activities can be obtained here at our website.

For questions please contact

Senior Researcher, Tomas Max Martin:

Or HR Associate Signe Kloppenburg:

Duration of programme

The programme runs twice a year with a spring season starting February and a Fall season starting September.

  • Internships last 3-6 months during which you work on a specific DIGNITY project.
  • Master’s thesis workplaces are available for 6 months. You work on your thesis with supervision from a relevant and qualified DIGNITY staff member in addition to your supervisor at the University.

A place on the Talent Programme offers you the chance to:

  • Contribute to DIGNITY’s vital and inspiring work against torture and organised violence by
  1. writing a Master’s thesis with focus on issues related to the causes, consequences or contexts of torture and organised violence or
  2.  interning with DIGNITY or one of our global partners and learning about the dynamic field of human rights, torture rehabilitation and torture prevention in practice
  • Collaborate with senior researchers on ongoing research projects and receive qualified supervision
  • Have a workstation and be serviced as a staff member including monthly briefings with a designated mentor

For questions and applications please contact

Senior Researcher, Tomas Max Martin:

Or HR Associate Signe Kloppenburg:

Who can apply

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be enrolled in an academic programme with an internship option or plan to write a Master’s thesis within one of DIGNITY’s abovementioned three strategic priority themes
  • Have a strong academic record
  • Have excellent English skills
  • For internships at DIGNITYs Rehabilitation Clinic in Copenhagen, fluency in Danish is required.

When and how to apply

Applications are invited through an open call twice a year with the following deadlines

  • Fall season application deadline May (Deadline: 17 May 2019)
    In addition to the general call, we specifically (though not at all exclusively) invite applications for the fall 2019 semester from students with an interest in ‘psychotraumatology’ and ‘outcome harvesting - More information
  • Spring season application deadline October

We will open for submission of applications one month prior to the application deadlines.

To submit an application, you will be required to prepare following documents:

  • Letter of motivation of 400-600 words, detailing your reasons for applying, your specific interests and whether you apply for an internship or a thesis-writing workplace
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Grade report from your educational institution
  • An example of your written work (preferably Bachelor assignment or equivalent)

All documents must be in PDF format. You may expect to hear about the outcome of your application one month after the application deadline.

DIGNITY's Talent Programme for students - Call for applications for the fall 2019 semester from students with an interest in ‘psychotraumatology’, 'health economics' and ‘outcome harvesting’

In addition to the general call, we specifically (though not at all exclusively) invite applications for the fall 2019 semester from students with an interest in ‘psychotraumatology’, 'health economics' and ‘outcome harvesting’:

We are looking for two engaged psychology interns in the department of rehabilitation in the fall semester.  The interns will participate in clinical research activities related to DIGNITY’s database for trauma and refugees. The database consists of clinical data from our clinic for traumatized refugees.  We work in multidisciplinary teams with individual, group and family interventions.   The interns will also participate in clinical work, and team meetings, and will be supervised by one of DIGNITY’s psychologist.  We are particularly looking for candidates with an interest in psychotraumatology, with research experience, and with an interest in writing a master’s thesis at DIGNTIY following the internship. Only candidates who speak Danish can participate in the clinical activities.

DIGNITY has tested and implemented new monitoring and evaluation methods in several of our international projects and built our capacity to do outcome harvesting in cooperation with our partners and other Danish NGOs. The method will need to be revisited and adapted in 2019 in relation to the data collected and the practical experiences with both harvesting outcomes and analyzing change. We are therefore looking for a student intern with interests and competencies in evaluation and data analysis, who can play an active role in the team’s effort to analyze large pools of qualitative data and present and learn from the findings in dialogue with partners in the South.

It is more and more demanding nowadays to pull costs and benefits of community intervention together and reflect on how they should be valued from different perspectives. In the department of urban violence prevention, we are providing an internship opportunity for the project “Economic evaluation of psycho-social intervention for the at-risk youth in the poor urban areas in Bagong Silang in the Philippines”. The intern is expected 1) to assess whether the choices of Alternative Learning School interventions produce favorable social or economic impact locally and 2) to develop a conceptual framework of economic evaluation similar community interventions fund by DIGNITY. The successful applicant will have knowledge of econometric and health economic methods; skills in cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis or decision tree modelling. She/he is also expected to work independently, take initiative and meet deadlines with high degree of precision and attention to details.

Deadline: 17 May 2019

Information on how to apply