From Ukraine to Burkina Faso: DIGNITY gathers 20 organizations in the fight for human rights

Tegnet verdenskort i blå med markederede orange områder, hvor DIGNITY arbejder

This week, DIGNITY’s partners from around the world are gathering online to share experiences that can promote human rights globally.  

All over the world, democracies are under pressure, and authoritarian regimes are gaining ground. This is placing increased demands on independent civil societies.

This is the context in which DIGNITY and MidRift gathers 20 human rights organizations from around the globe this week.

“International support for human rights is declining. It is essential that we strengthen our partnerships and alliances across borders and stand together in solidarity with the world’s most marginalized. This is the way forward,” says Kari Øygard Larsen, Project Leader at DIGNITY, who is responsible for the digital workshop.

She explains that the digital workshop will include an exchange of experiences from the different countries. For example, there will be presentations on documentation of torture in Liberia and Ukraine. There will also be a focus on how to strengthen youth and civil society in Burkina Faso and how human rights organizations can work effectively in countries where civil society is under increasing pressure from repressive and totalitarian regimes.

“At DIGNITY, we are proud to bring together more than 20 talented partner organizations from all over the world for a 3-day online workshop where we can exchange, inspire and support each other”, says Kari Øygard Larsen.

The 20 partners are gathered for the online workshop from September 12th to 15th.

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