Advocate for changes to law, policy and practice at the local, national and international levels. Taking the dignity and health of torture survivors as point of departure, our advocacy aims at preventing torture, holding perpetrators to account and ensuring redress and rehabilitation of survivors

DIGNITY and our partners work to:

  • Advocate for changes to law, policy and practice at national and local levels in DIGNITY’s partner countries. Influence international norm-setting and the international legal framework, hereby strengthening the protecting against torture and other forms of ill-treatment.
  • We cooperate with local, national and international civil society organizations as well as international and regional human rights institutions.
  • DIGNITY staff are also members of the UN Sub-Committee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT).

DIGNITY’s current advocate priorities include:

  • People within the criminal justice system enjoy increased humane treatment and conditions of detention as well as protection from arbitrary detention.
  • More people in urban poverty enjoy community safety and security and are protected from state and non-state violence.
  • People on the move enjoy increased protection from torture and refoulement and have access to health and rehabilitation.
  • Victims of torture and other ill-treatment increasingly enjoy the right to redress and rehabilitation.

Advocacy Reports, Statements and Submissions