DIGNITY is an international human rights and development organization. We have worked for a world without torture and violence since 1982. We prevent torture and violence, rehabilitate traumatized victims, and support local partner organisations in documenting serious human rights violations, so the perpetrators are held accountable.

Our vision and mission

DIGNITY’s vision is a world without torture. In pursuit of this vision, our mission is to be the leading global organization for research-based prevention of torture, rehabilitation of traumatized victims, and documentation of serious human rights violations.

Who we are

DIGNITY is an independent human rights and development organization. 

Founded in 1982, DIGNITY is one of the world’s first anti-torture NGOs and specialized treatment centres for torture survivors. For 40 years, DIGNITY has been a leading civil society force in the global fight against torture.

DIGNITY is headquartered in Copenhagen and currently employs around 140 staff globally. We have active partnerships with more than 30 local and international NGOs and research institutions around the world.

DIGNITY operates in +20 countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, where we work in close partnerships with human rights defenders, civil society organizations and, where possible, government authorities.


DIGNITY has consultative status under the UN Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC, and is a member of the WHO Alliance for the Prevention of Violence (VPA).

The rehabilitation clinic is recognized by the National Board of Health as a national center specializing in the treatment of severely traumatized refugees.

In 2017, DIGNITY received the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Social Award for the work to combat torture and rehabilitate torture victims in Denmark and internationally.

DIGNITY is a member of the CHS Alliance. Becoming a member of the CHS alliance reflects DIGNITY’s commitment to safeguard our beneficiaries, deliver quality programmes, and be accountable to the people we serve: survivors and people at risk of torture and other forms of organized violence.

UN Human Rights

DIGNITY’s work is based on human rights as laid down in declarations and conventions of the United Nations, including the recognition of the dignity of the individual and the universal prohibition of torture, created to ensure freedom, justice. and peace in the world.

Leaving No One Behind

The United Nations’ 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development contain a cross-cutting principle »Leaving No One Behind«. This principle forms the very core of DIGNITY’s work for a world free of torture and violence, where all people should be able to live their lives in freedom from fear and need.


DIGNITY is a self-governing institution, independent of party politics.

DIGNITY’s international work is supported by, among others, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, the Swedish, Swiss, and Dutch MFAs, and a longer list of foundations, including the Open Society Foundation.

The rehabilitation clinic in Copenhagen is financed through Danish Regions. In addition, DIGNITY’s work is made possible thanks to foundations, scholarships, and support from private individuals.