Seminar: Scrutinising prisons – Pluralistic perspectives

We warmly invite you to join us for an afternoon of panels and dialogue featuring new perspectives on how best to understand and represent prison life and mitigate penal harms.

The question of how exactly prison life can be understood continues to dog the practices of prison professionals, activists, and scholars: whose point of view should be privileged, what tools should be used, and who gets to judge what entry point is best.

In a recent special issue of the ‘Prison Service Journal’ DIGNITY researchers and experts and our international researcher colleagues explore a pluralist approach to knowing prisons through the notion of scrutiny. The special issue features articles from across the globe that analyse how different forms of scrutiny – including tv-series, activism, monitoring and research – portray and affect everyday prison life in diverse contexts such as the UK, Syria, Ireland, France, and the Philippines. Meet the authors of the articles when they share their work and invite for debate.  

Read the full programme here.

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