Mental health survival tips for people facing post-coup trauma in Myanmar

Since February 1st when the Myanmar military grabbed power, the people of Myanmar have been under unimaginable stress.

Activists, human rights defenders, politicians, students, lawyers, teachers, doctors and countless other groups of people have been at the forefront of popular protests, strikes and a movement of civil disobedience.

By doing so they expose themselves to the risk of arrest, interrogation, torture and death, but all who are living in Myanmar face a day to day struggle where fear and anxiety has become a norm.

DIGNITY has been working with trauma affected people for almost 40 years in Denmark and through our development partners around the world.

On that basis and recognizing the immediate needs of people in Myanmar effected by recent and ongoing events we have compiled some mental health survival tips and had them translated into English, Burmese, Sagaw Karen and Kachin languages.

We make them available here and encourage their dissemination in the hope that they might help people to better deal with the considerable pressures they face in these times of repression where dissent is outlawed, rights are curtailed, and violations are routine.

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