Our partner in Ukraine: We are doing everything in our power to document war crimes

Yevgen Yukhymovych Zakharov, director of Kharkiv Human Rights Group: »One of the biggest challenges is that we can see that this is a long-term war against the Russians. And Ukraine can’t win without help from Western countries.
Yevgen Yukhymovych Zakharov, Partner from Belarus in black, white and orange strokes
Yevgen Yukhymovych Zakharov, Director of Kharkiv Human Rights Group

At the same time, this assistance is increasingly questioned due to the high level of corruption in Ukraine, with some funds not reaching their intended purpose.

Our workload is growing, and it is increasingly difficult for us to fulfil our obligations to document alleged war crimes by the Russians.

We have significantly expanded the scope of our activities because of the war: documenting international crimes, assisting law enforcement agencies in their investigation, in addition to legal assistance we have added psychological, monetary, humanitarian, social and medical assistance, informing about the events in Ukraine in 9 languages.

And the number of people requiring our help exceeds our capacity, and this depresses us.

I organize our work according to the principle: to do as much work as we can. We do not leave any of the victims of war who have contacted us without help; we go to them ourselves if they cannot come to us.

I hope that we can extend our approach to documenting international crimes, investigating them, and assisting victims in all frontline areas of Ukraine. This will make it possible to help many more victims of war than we do now«. 

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