A treatment for newly arrived Ukrainian refugees (Kompas)

DIGNITY´s KOMPAS treatment is for refugees living in and around Copenhagen.

What is DIGNITY's Kompas-Treatment?
  • Group sessions of 90 minutes.
  • The group treatment starts with an individuel introduction session and at the end of the treatment, you will be offered an evaluation-interview as well.
  • The treatment includes an essential focus on stress, migration, sleep and family life based on group discussions, calm physical movement and
    exercises to facilitate conversations.
  • The treatment is handled by experienced clinicians.

DIGNITY´s KOMPAS treatment is for refugees living in and around Copenhagen, who experience symptoms and stress reactions due to war, flight and/or traumatic experiences. We provide an interpreter if needed.

All participants will in addition to the treatment have the opportunity to join group sessions in traumasensitive yoga by instructor Tanya Basse.

Why Kompas:

The purpose of DIGNITY´s KOMPAS-group is to strengthen your ability to understand and live an active and meaningful everyday life despite symptoms of stress and possible concern for the future.

What are the expected effects:
  • That you will get a basic knowledge and understanding of some of the reactions you can experience due to war and trauma and get the opportunity to share your experiences with others.
  • Be able to plan and intergrate activities in a relevant manner and get self-management tools to regulate stress in your daily life.
  • Improved sleep.
Where and how:

The treatment is free of charge. You must be referred by your doctor or your municipality – read more on here: Clinic – DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture

The treatment takes place at DIGNITY Dansk Institute mod Tortur, Bryggervangen 55, 2100 København Ø.